Ski hire: Choose your equipment

How to select the right equipment for you

Best Price Ski Rental offers a wide range of ski and snowboard equipment to suit all levels and all ages. If you're not sure which ski or snowboard choose, then don't worry, we've made a guide to ensure you've got the perfect kit to hit the pistes!

Choosing the right ski pole size

We include ski poles in all of our ski rental packages. Ski poles are an essential bit of kit, most skiers don't pay enough attention when choosing the size.

When choosing your ski poles it's really important to take into account several factors:

  • Ski pole size
  • Ski pole basket: the basket is usually a plastic disk at the end of the pole. It's role is to stop the pole sinking into the snow. For powder you should use a bigger basket and for well groomed pistes and hard packed snow, a smaller basket should be selected.
  • The straps
To see if you've got the right ski pole size, simply:

  1. Take your stick and put it up-side down,
  2. Put your hand under the basket,
  3. Rest the pole on the ground,
  4. Keep you arms close to your body.

If your forearm is making a right angle with your body then voilà, you've got the right size. If not, try again with another size.

To check the rough size of pole you will require, have a look at the table below:
  • For adult skiers:
Skier Height (cm) 155-160 160-170 170-175 175-185 185-190 190-200 > 200
Ski Pole Size (cm) 110 115 120 125 130 135 140
  • For child skiers:
Skier Height (cm) < 105 105-115 115-125 125-135 135-145 145-155
Ski Pole Size (cm) 80 85 90 95 100 105

How to choose your ski and snowboard boots

To make sure you have the best time on the piste, it's essential you pick the right boots. Your boots are the link between your body and the ski equipment therefore it's crucial to get the perfect fit. A poor fit could result in aching feet and cause poor control of your skis or snowboard.

Our guide to picking your perfect ski boots:

To ensure you have the right fit, follow these rules :

  1. Always try your shoes on with the socks you will be wearing when you ski (think thick socks!)
  2. As our feet are not perfectly symmetrical, always try both ski boots on!
  3. Once you've put on both boots, fasten the buckles beginning with the bottom ones. Take your skiing position and press forward on the tounge of the boot. In this position, your toes should not touch the tip of your boots.

If your feet starting feeling sore during your trip then don't hesitate to return to the store and change your boots!

How to pick the perfect snowboard boots

It can appear that snowboard boots are softer and be easier to choose but don't be deceived, follow our advice to get the perfect boots.

  1. Try the same socks you will be using when you snowboard.
  2. Try both boots on!
  3. Tighten your boots as if you were on your snowboard. The boots will be the right size if your heel does not lift up and if your toes do not touch the tips of your boots.

If your feet starting feeling sore during your trip then don't hesitate to return to the store and change your boots!

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